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Hi, I'm Orly

A certified dance teacher, a Gyrokinetics therapist, and a dance instructor with Parkinson's Dance for PD.


In recent years I’ve developed my own method of dance instruction working with people with Parkinson’s and diverse neurological challenges which I call Effective Movement.

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My Services


One on One Lesson

In a one-on-one private lesson at your home or through zoom, we practice a customized  seated and standing dance lesson in different dance styles and superb music,  according to your development.


In the class we will explore various dance styles- Belly dance, African, Flamenco, Salsa and more, liberate our body and soul through free dance to the best music ever- allow yourself to fly and enjoy the dance


Personal Retreat

Ten days Retreat for people who are dealing with movement  challenges, one on one dance daily dance classes in the studio with me, and a customized day trip to your choice in beautiful Portugal


 When we walk into the room and are greeted with your wonderful smile, we already feel better. You exude such joy, and peace within yourself that it spills over to the people in the class.You make everyone feel special, and even if they can no longer do the movements that you ask for, you compliment them on their efforts. No one is made to feel ungainly or lacking.

Your extraordinary ability to connect with people makes everyone eager to participate just to see you smile at them and hear you say something complimentary.

The Parkinson’s group in the Jezreel Valley have gained much from your classes not only due to your professionalism, but also because you realize the value of mind and body as a whole unit, and how improving just one part is not enough. 

All of us, both Parkinson’s sufferers and spouses have benefited from your classes.

We wish you continued success and happiness in your future endeavors.

Elaine and Frank Goldstein

I also share in this magic that Orly creates on Sunday evenings in our community.

An hour plus of different dance styles full of energy and great fun.

In my life I have never enjoyed any sporting activity so much.

Highly recommended, fun fun fun!

And Orly the instructor is just amazing! 

Esti Bar Tal, Ladies Group Gan Ner

Hi Orly-


I cannot tell you enough how wonderful today's session was!


Not only the exercises which did me a world of good after a year in my home office chair but your words that went along with the session moved me to tears and touched my heart snd soul. 


I have tried a lot of things and have not heard words like yours, touch the stars, plant flowers, take me into your heart, offer wine and bread.....

It moved me so much I can hardly remember your beautiful words. 

I would love to do this again.  Do you have a you tube or any other way to bring you into my home?


Thanks again from the top if my heart ❤ 


Sally, Oklahoma Jewish community member



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