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Hi, my name is Orly Sela, a certified dance teacher, Gyrokinetics therapist, and Parkinson's Dance for PD instructor.


Sports, dance and music have been a part of me since childhood and like many young girls I took ballet. Years later working through personal challenges, I found the fascinating world of belly dancing and added more and more dancing styles as I went along.


In 2015 I turned my hobbies into a profession and my mission in life. I teach dance to populations with various challenges and particularly people with Parkinsons.

I developed a toolbox and built a unique method- Effective Movement- with lesson plans for each group and population I dance with.

I am also a dedicated collector of music of all styles to support my work and every step or movement in my classes.


I teach classes and deliver workshops in various dance styles, and I match music from different decades and cultures to each group and session.


My work in the Gilboa region of Israel where I was born, included programs for young children in both Jewish and Arab classrooms creating a variety of collaborations where Jewish and Arab kids dance together. Developing 3-language choreographies (Hebrew, Arabic and English) to help bridge language barriers provides children with the opportunity to collaborate, overcome prejudice and create a peaceful environment of coexistence where I live. I seek and find inspiration for my lessons in music, dance performances, movies, nature, observing people everywhere, and in my personal memories. They are (and come from) my body, my heart and my soul.


I draw strength from the human encounters in my work. The moment I enter the studio, turn on the lights, connect the sound system, set up the chairs in a circular shape and at a distance that is clear to me only. I focus on the arrival of each person and welcome them with love and respect - this part of my work is sacred. Bravely coping with the moments of difficulty, illness and in some cases the need to overcome the loss of any one of my dancers, requires that I draw strength from every life experience or crisis I was fortunate to overcome. Each made me stronger and I constantly challenge myself to bring these valuable lessons to each of my dancers.


As a strong believer in freedom, I have tremendous faith in my ability to live and dance without limits and share that gift with any and all who dance with me.

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